Saturday, June 2, 2018

Weightloss Journey-2018 Update

                    2018 WEIGHT LOSS UPDATE

I haven't realized that I have not given a weight loss update in 5 years. Where has the time gone? I just cant believe it.

Well its June 2, 2018 and this has been an amazing journey. When I originally started losing weight I weighed about 200 lbs. As of today I am officially 98 pounds. I am sure people are like... WHOA what are you doing? Are you healthy and is this safe? I still get emails from people who have found me somewhere online so let me update my story.

About 2-3 years ago I stopped taking Slim 1 and I started taking new herbs that transformed my life. The health benefits are so great I had to try them. They are called N-Max. They amazing!!! In November of 2016 I decided to start working out and that was the hardest part. I purchased an elliptical machine and my goal was to do 10 minutes a day. One day 1 I was struggling after my first 2 minutes but I had a goal. Every day I would increase my time. A month later I was up to 15 minutes. 6 months later I was up to 45 minutes. I was working out I believe 2-3 days a week at that time. I was still taking N-Max as well as cardio. I increased my days to 5 days a week and lowered the time I worked out. I got up to an hour at a time but then I realized that I personally didnt need to work out for an hour at a time. I decided to scale back to 25-30 minutes a day.

I've received emails from people who've taken N-Max and one lady lost 12 pounds in a month. Another lady lost 25 pounds in a month. These pills work! I get excited when I receive emails and testimonies from people who share their story. I LOVE to receive good news and when they tell me that they have lost weight and gained confidence it warms my heart.

Working out help build my stamina however I realized that I had to change my diet. At that time I still ate bread, pasta, cheese, etc. I was always out of breath and ALWAYS tired. I went to numerous doctors because I would wake up tired and go to sleep tired and I knew something was wrong with me. In 2016 I stopped eating bread, pasta, cheese, milk, (no dairy and nothing white). I wanted to say within 7 days or less I slept like a baby and had a lot more energy. I was no longer congested, feeling tired, and getting sinus infections, and having asthma related issues. I actually started listening to my body. I realized if I didn't feel well after eating something or I got extremely sluggish that was a sign that I shouldn't eat it. After realizing most of the things that I ate caused my situation I changed it. Who knew all FOOD wasn't created equal and your body tells you what you need to eat.

So I changed my diet and started exercising but I was still taking my herbs. Why? Well.....WHY NOT. I am a believer that if something works for you and continue to works for you dont stop. When I was taking Slim 1 I couldn't get lower than 120 pounds and since I decided to change my diet and exercise I actually got down to 94 pounds but I will hold strong at 98 pounds. I work out 5 times a week, take N-Max every morning and dont eat the foods I used to.

I get a lot of questions from people asking what I eat so here it goes:

I eat salmon, flounder, beans, salads, fruits, vegetables, and POPCORN. That is my go to snack but I dont eat it everyday (not like I used to). I am very specific on what I eat. I realized that I had an allergic reaction to most foods so once I stopped eating those foods and I started feeling better; I wont go back. I drink water daily and I will drink hot tea in the mornings. My life has completely changed. I have to write another blog about my love life and how I made these small changes effected me on a personal level. I am currently in a awesome relationship and I will have more news in another blog! (Don't want to high jack this one).

Here are a couple of recent photos of me and I couldn't be happier. I realized that my journey wasn't just my journey others were on this journey with me. I am so happy to have a platform where my life experience can help others in their life so I feel accomplished in a sense. Hopefully I will do a YouTube video and show you some of my poses that I do to work out and maybe have a Q&A session. (Maybe)

Please send me an email or leave a comment so I can hear from you. I've had a lot of changes since I originally started this Blog and I have so much to write about. I should take a day off just to do so.

Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you soon!

I haven't updated this post since 2013 and I have a new update to my weight loss journey.

To date I still don't eat meat but I still eat fish. I cut out all dairy in my diet and I miss it oh so much! (Lol). I am still taking slim 1 and have dropped down to a size 7 in juniors but depending on the fit I may purchase a size 8 or 9 in skinny jeans. I drink mostly water and my only exception is consuming grape juice when I take Slim 1 in the morning. I've had people say that they think I've lost too much weight and there are those who've said that I haven't. I don't see myself and I personally think that anyone who has lost a significant amount of weight would look shocking to anyone who saw them at their heaviest. I think losing and maintaining weight is a personal choice and I believe that it doesn't matter how you look to people it matters how you feel about yourself.

As far as my eating habits I usually eat what I want (minus dairy or meat) but I try to make my meals count. I try to eat as healthy as possible but I don't deprive myself from eating the foods that I like. ie Doritos. I cant eat a lot of them due to my appetite but I can say that eat them when I have a desire to (which is not a lot).

I don't mind sharing my journey to others because I believe that is my personal mission. I don't mind telling people what I have done when it comes to losing weight because at one point in all of our lives we gained a pound or ten. For me it was 70. I know my weight gain came from stress and dealing with individuals who were using me for whatever reason. I truly believe in removing all toxins from your life (including people) to have the best life that God intends for you to have. I no way take credit for my weight loss I give all credit to God who created the product to assist me in my weight loss. I thank God for removing the emotional weight, physical weight, mental weight, and all the "extra weight" that I was carrying. God has all power and can remove many weights that cause us to gain (not in a good way) and I thank Him for removing those and many other things from my life.

I cant forget where I was nearly 3 years ago and I look forward to maintaining my weight loss for the remaining years of my life.



This is my very first blog and Im so stoked!!!

Let me give you a little background about my journey with my weight. My weight goes up and down and as I got older it was very hard for me to maintain my weight especially at a normal weight. I used to be so small and at one point in my life I was close to 200 pounds. Carrying weight does something to you emotionally and physically. There were so many times that I didnt like the way I looked and I felt like I couldnt do anything about it. I went on Atkins back in 2004 and I went down to a size 2 but I looked horrible and as soon as I started eating carbs again I gained my weight back and then some. I prayed to the Good Lord that I could start shedding weight. I have asthma and I hate working out. When I used to go to the gym I loved the energy I had but the workouts were too much for me and I hated being out of breath.

Well one day I asked one of my friends who lives in China if he knew of any weightloss products and he gave me his Chinese website. OMG I saw much stuff it was unreal. I started on my journey and I decided to try Slim 1. I ordered a lot of them and I posted a thread on Black Hair Media ( @blackhairmedia ) on Twitter and Slim 1 Thread . Who knew that I would lose some weight with these pills. I decided to stop eating meat and I did and havent ate meat since I started the thread and I went from a size 16 down to a size 8-9 in Juniors. I dont workout and I have a lot of energy. I dont eat much and when I do eat I get full fast! I mean really fast. I thanked God that He gave me a product that actually worked and I didnt start there. I told everyone that I could about what I did to lose weight so if they wanted to lose weigh they could as well. Well as of today the thread has had over 63,800 views and 1007 replies to my post since October 2011. I've received so many thank you emails from people and they have even sent me success emails its been unreal! I was fortunate to have a friend who lived in another country tell me about a product in China and was really fortunate that he shared it with me. I was also fortunate to be a member of Black Hair Media so I could share my journey with the Diet section and everyone who wanted to read about it. I decided to post some before and after pictures of me.

Today I am 139-140 pounds and I think I want to lose about 5 more pounds. My weightloss goal was 150 and I have exceeded my weightloss goal. Again I started October 16, 2011 and to this day this product has bettered my life. I am so happy that God answers prayers. I no longer suffer from the emotional and physical pain that I used to carrying so much weight and that is alone so much to be thankful for! God is so good!!! Here I am and I noticed that I started gaining weight in this picture..

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Im wearing my waist cincher and it helps you lose inches from you waist....

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My face was telling me I gained weight....

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So this is me on July 7, 2011 at my sister house coming from my niece and nephew's birthday party.

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I could barely recognize myself and I knew I had to do something about it.......

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Here I am again and after I took this picture I said to myself how in the world did I get so big

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This is me with the same outfit that I have on leaving my niece and nephews birthday party....

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I was trying to learn how to take pictures in front of the mirror but silly me had my flash on

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Here I am wearing my American Eagle shirt that I purchased earlier that summer and I couldnt fit it when I purchased it but could fit it now

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Here I am again wearing my size 9 Delia pants that I purchased 4 years ago from Rugged Wearhouse. I couldnt fit them when I bought them but can wear them now.

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Here I am this past Thursday taking pictures for my YouTube video............ Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

I couldnt stop there..................................................... I had to ask God the reason why I had gained so much weight so I would know where I went wrong and how to prevent this in the future and I received my answer. I wasnt happy with myself and I allow "Others" to dictate my happiness. I had a mindset of trying to please people and I found myself drained from relationships and work and I let myself go. Its when I started removing the people in my life that didnt need to be there is when I was lifted. Once I removed the dead weight (people) I started my Slim 1 journey and the pictures say the rest. I am finally in a place where I am happy and I no longer invite liars, thieves, or "others" to steal my joy. I feel so robbed and I couldnt believe that for years I was too busy pleasing others and no longer liked myself. Having low self esteem takes a toll on you mentally and physically and that was a root of my problem. That wasnt THE root of my problem just a root of it. I decided to share my personal journey with weight and weightloss and I hope you find this inspiring. If you find yourself in a place where you are unhappy ask God to show you THE root of the unhappiness. Let go of the people, place, or things that are making you unhappy and take back your happiness. I know I did! Update................................ I'm still taking my slim 1 pills and I ran across my friend that I havent seen all summer said that I've lost even more weight. I can tell in my face but I did notice that my clothes are falling off of me now. She brought that to my attention as well. She asked me to give her another bottle of pills and of course I didnt have any on me but I decided to take a photo and from June until this past Friday I am smaller. I dont want to lose too much weight and currently I am 138 pounds. I would like to lose maybe another 7 pounds but if I dont I'm ok because I think Im doing a good job with managing my weight. I still dont eat much and I get full fast. I still havent eaten any meat at all but I eat everything else excluding dairy products.

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2013 Update

2013 came and is already going by fast. I am still maintaining my weightloss and Im currently 138 pounds. I do believe that my body wont allow me to shed any more weight and I think Im doing a good job maintaining. Actually I dont want to lose any more weight and Im very comfortable where I am.

I still dont eat meat and I eat fish and have incorporated salmon here and there in my diet but I eat everything else.

I dont have much of an appetite and when I eat I still get full fast. I do need to drink more water and I need to start incorporating that as part of my lifestyle change.

I do take a laxative about twice a week now and I still take slim 1 five times a week for maintenance. Some days I forget to take it and thats ok because I know that missing a day wont hurt.

I took some recent pictures to show where I am currently and Im very happy with my results.