Saturday, January 12, 2013

Relationships.... A personal outlook

Relationships seem to be a never ending topic that we all can discuss. I for one know that I am biased when it comes to the opposite sex. I dont mean that I always stick up for men..... I mean that the only thing you can trust out of anyone is for them to be who they are.

Most people have had at least one bad relationship. (Everyone has their own meaning of bad)but I can say that relationships and what you experience in them make you grow to understand how people are and how you deal with them.

I have a lot of people ask me why are you single....... I'm not sure if that is something that you ask someone but my general answer is; "If it ain't broke don't fix it." I will elaborate on that a little more.

Personally, I dont think that there a perfect man or woman for anyone. I believe people have certain tolerance levels and relationships can be based on what you are willing to tolerate. Some men and women choose to tolerate nonsense and some tend not to deal ie. being single.

Rather if you are in a relationship or not everyone has their own views on what relationships mean to them.

For me; I feel like a relationship should be 50/50. Yes I said 50/50. I dont think its realistic for someone to say that a man should do XYZ..... That's not realistic or fair. For some reason people have this pre-conceived notion that men are to do everything for a woman and I dont know where people received this information from. Not one story in the bible do you read that a woman did nothing and a man did it all.

Again some people have unrealistic expectations when it comes to the opposite sex and they wonder why they arent in long lasting relationships or not in a relationship at all.

I believe people are who they are and everyone comes with baggage. Whether its insecurities from a past relationship, debt, working too much/working too little/not working at all, living arrangements, and even transportation.

Every single person has something that they bring to a relationship whether its good or bad but the key is finding the right person that can deal with your gifts and/or your baggage.

There are some women in this world who take care of men. They have no problem being the bread winner and just long to have companionship.

There are men in this world who are great guys but they keep entertaining the wrong type of woman and women tend to use them for whatever gifts they have.

There are some people who have been so hurt by past relationships they have lost their self worth and feel as though they arent loved and love will never find them.

I believe everyone should evaluate where they are in their relationship and ask themselves if they are really happy with where they are.

If you find yourself to be truly happy where you are in your current relationship and feel that the person you married to; or if you are with your significant other that completes you in every way consider yourself blessed.

If you find yourself on the fence about being with your significant other and the issues you/them are dealing I would say pray about it.

I have learned in past realationships that God always gives us a warning signal. Whether its green light, yellow light , or red light its up to us to see the signs that we are given. I've had people even ask me how can you hear the Lord speak to you. I tell every woman its call intuition and thats one of many gifts God gave to women. Our heart can tell us something but your mind can block it out because our mind has a way to justify our decision but our heart advises us which way to go.

I find myself being single and happy. I feel like there is a lot of trash out there in the world and I dont care to entertain it. I'm not saying that all men are trash; I'm simply saying that I happen to enjoy not being in a relationship. Since I can remember I have always been in a relationship and I found myself being so much happier when I wasnt in one and I dont apologize for that.

Do I think that real love exist. Yes of course!................. BUT I believe that its based on your tolerated level.

Most women wish for someone who is faithful, secure, intelligent, honest, caring, God fearing and who is a provider. I can personally count on less than 4 fingers the amount of men that I know that fit that description. Not saying that a man like this doesnt exist.... Im saying I know a lot of men and less than 4 fit this criteria.

I personally believe that there is the right person for you out there but you need to clear yourself from the people that you attract if you arent attracting the right type of person. We all give off vibes (aura's) and if you find yourself attracting the same type of guy with the same type of motives its time to purge and ask God to remove what is attracting that type of person from you. I say that from personal experience and that worked for me.

I no longer attract men who seek to use and abuse me. Why? Because I dont entertain it. I used to entertain a whole bunch of mess and when I started to ask myself why and told myself I deserve better I started clearing house. I blocked calls, text, and emails from people who kept seeking to use me. (Friendships included)

When you seal the gaps from your life its hard for the enemy to creep in because you dont have a crack in your foundation.

Start sealing the cracks in your life and start enjoying the people and relationships God means for you to have.

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