Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My life - Part IV

Not too long after working in Insurance my brother got married and I went to the wedding. I loved the city so much I decided to move there. I was determined to purchase a home in the city he lived. After the wedding I was going to Charlotte every weekend looking for properties. I found this hidden neighborhood and went to look at at house that I absolutely loved. The only problem was it had a hill going down.

After I viewed that property I went through the neighborhood and saw my now house. I called the number on the sign and when I called the guy he asked me was I kidding him? I said no. I just looked at a property in the neighborhood but it had a hill and told him I wasnt from here and was looking to move here. The real estate agent told me he just put the sign on the home 15 minutes before I called him and he would meet me to view the property.

When I stepped foot in the house it was trashed. It was a foreclosure and owners trashed the house but something about that house spoke to me. I told him that I wanted it and I gave them almost what they were listing the house for. I didnt negotiate the price and the bank accepted my offer.

After I found my house I knew I could find a job in this new place so I called the first agent I found and I interviewed with them on a Sunday and they sent me an offer letter the next day. See how God was moving in my life.

I had been through a lot in life and I wanted some sort of stability. I had worked many retail jobs and they didnt pay a lot. I turned in my public housing to own my own home because that is what I wanted for my daughter and I.

God blessed me with a salary making $10,000 more than I was before and he blessed me with a house. I always told God before I die I wanted to own a home and he gave me what I asked for.

From My life part I to part IV God set people in my life to help me along my way. I didnt have an easy journey and still dont but God was with me along my journey. God blessed me in the place where I was and met me where I was. I started giving my life to God and no longer sought anything from anyone. I became self sufficient at a very young age and still am. I dont put my trust in man because I know first hand people can and will let you down. Ive had people use me, hit me, talk about me, kick me out, and cheat on me and that still didnt stop me from being who God called me to be.

Its when I stopped living for the world and started living for God that is when my whole life changed. The type of person I used to attract; I dont attract anymore. The friends I used to have; I dont call them friends anymore. The people who kicked me out; cant kick me out anymore. I didnt allow my circumstance or situation define who I am as a person or mother.

Yes I've had many challenges but I've learned in life you will either sink or swim. God took away my parents and I felt like I had no safety net. For a long time I lived in the desert. He gave me just enough to survive and gave me a life jacket when I started sinking.

I share this story because God has been with me. He was with me before I really knew He existed. When I was in my room and I asked God to show me that he was real by sending a breeze through my window..... That opened up the door for God to use me in ways that I never thought would happen. I never thought I would have the life that I do. I never thought that I would lose both of my parents before 14. I never thought that I would be a foster child. I never thought that I would be a mother at 17. I never thought that I would be in an abusive relationship. I never thought that I would have a hard life. I personally thought I would have a very priveledged life considering my up bringing. ( Father being a chemist and we lived in a 6 bedroom home behind a lake)

God will send you what you need when you need it. From my personal journey I know that God is real and he is always with you.

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