Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Life - Part III

I told my sister that I wanted to go to school and she said you should go to school for hair. I told her I'd rather be an accountant because Im so good at math and numbers. She said I was great at hair and she sold me this vision on how I could do hair and make great money and I was good at it. I listened and went to school for hair.

I already knew how to do hair I just didnt have a license for that. After I completed school and passed my state board I worked in 3 salons and decided that wasnt the career for me. I would always keep my license for something to fall back on but I wasnt as passionate about it like I used to be.

So one day I went through the phone book and I was looking for a job. I really didnt care what type of job I had but I wanted an office job. I wanted to work for a construction company and I called every construction company in the phone book.

One guy answered the phone and I asked if he was hiring..... He said.... How did you hear about me? I said I'm going through the phone book calling companies because I need a job. He said that he liked my persistance and to come in for an interview. He gave me his address and it was a house. This was a house that I havent ever seen before. It was almost a castle.

He told me that he was thinking about hiring someone and then I called and he told me about his business. At that time I had no office experience and he hired me on the spot. I worked from sun up to sun down for my new boss. He was very hard on me and most days he would make me cry because he was hard on me but it helped me in the long run. He was a very hard man to please. He used to have me call his cable company and inquire why his bill went up $3. I could be on the phone for 2 hours but it was the principal for him.

This man taught me a lot. He taught me how to run a business. He built houses and he was part of the revitalization program with the city so they would build nice houses in the impoverished areas.

This man told me that I need to own and home and explained to me the benefits of owning your own home. I didnt think owning a home was within my reach because I was a single mother on assistance and I didnt have the money needed to buy property.

God sent an angel via my boss to teach and train me on how home ownership works. So I sought to be a homeowner. My boss told me he would build me a house at cost but I couldnt afford it but God had another plan.....

I loved my job but I wanted to make more money because I now wanted to be a homeowner. I was recruited by my friend to become an insurance agent. I took the class, passed my state board and became a licensed agent then I went to go work in insurance.