Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Living Room Changes and Updates

So I decided to re-paint my living room to give it a new look. So I changed the color from Yellow to Brandied Pear. I found the color at Lowes and it’s from Olympic Paint line. It is in the white family and I love the look and feel of the new color. I went through so many paint colors since purchasing my home and I’m glad that I finally found the one the finally speaks to me.

Please excuse the mess I was in the middle of patching up my walls……………..

I had to do some more patch work to the walls. 

And now I love my new living room color

But I didn’t stop there……………………..

I loved my laminate floors but I always wanted a dark floor. My ultimate goal is to purchase black hardwood floors a couple of years from now so I was off to do a search on a new floor. Last year for my birthday I hired my neighbor Luis to install these floors but I wanted a darker floor.
I went to Lumber Liquidators and I found the floor that I fell in love with. It’s called Angel Fire Cherry Laminate. They had a sale and the laminate was $.79 a sq. ft. and it’s regularly $.99 a sq. ft. and these floors are 8mm thick. That was 1mm thicker than my Calico Cherry floors that you see above. I purchased the floor and decided to self-install them myself.

See the color difference from the Angel Fire Cherry and the Calico Cherry…………

I decided to start at the opposite side of where Luis started because I thought it would be easier to install. I guess correctly. I removed all the base boards from the walls and I laid down the floor. It was simple as making a cake until it was time to get around the doors…………….
It took me over a day to figure out how to cut around the door jam and I had to start praying because I was getting frustrated. Then the Lord said for me to cut the tongue and groove so it would fit.

After I cut the tongue and groove and measured the door jamb so I could cut the top part of the laminate it laid down flat. I didn’t even have to use any laminate glue. I did the same for the other side of the door opening.

It took me 2 days after I finally figured out how to cut around the door jambs to complete the floor. I have a little one and I was on a time crunch but I didn’t spend all day of the floors. I think I could have completed them within 15 hours if I could have worked nonstop with no interruptions. 
When I installed the last row towards the wall the floors wouldn’t lay flat so I used the same method by cutting the tongue and groove and the floors locked right in place.

Do you see the gap? Let me show you how to close it…….

Use your pull bar to close it

Now you don’t see the gap anymore because I cut the groove part and used my pull bar and tapped it where the gap closed. 

I had Luis come back to install the base boards because silly me decided to leave the 16 ft. baseboard outside and it shrunk. Who knew base boards shrunk? Well I had to purchase a new baseboard and he finished the trim as well.

This is how I gave my living room a new makeover for less than $400.00. The floors were around $320.00 and the paint was $25.97 + tax. I used Olympic Eggshell finish paint and the color I chose was Brandied Pear. I painted my whole living room with less than one gallon of paint. I used the paint and primer mix. It cost more but it saves time which is effort for me. J

 wanted to share the links of where you can see which paint and floors I used. I am very pleased with my new living room update.

Olympic Paint & Primer Eggshell Finish

Angel Fire Cherry Laminate Floors

Brandied Pear Paint Color


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  2. I have to hand it to you. You did an amazing job taking on such a huge project. I would have given in and called for help as soon as I met with the challenge of the door jambs. Anyway, you did an amazing job! I love the wall color and the darker floor complements it well.

  3. Great project. I'll have to show this to my mom. She has been saying she wants tile or wood floors. This is perfect and the price is right. She thinks she has to spend lotsa dough. But I know with the right help and the eye for design it all comes together.

  4. Thank you Yurika! Your mom can definitely do a reno on a budget and it doesnt cost much if you can find the right person who knows what they are doing. For the kitchen I used the premium vinyl peel n stick however Luis used vinyl glue to lay them down to ensure they wouldnt unpeel. Its the same glue that you would use for regular vinyl and it last for years. I love my kitchen and living room changes. My next update will be a little wall art. :)