Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hair and I

I think I can finally admit that I love hair. I am a licensed hairstylist and I love to create new looks with hair. I truly believe that healthy hair is the best hair and that is most important about hair. I am natural underneath all my extensions and have been natural for about 6 years  now. What really had me to go natural was due to over processing my hair due to chemical relaxers. Relaxers broke my hair off and made my hair so thin....... and on top of that I found out that I am allergic to them. Its not normal for my scalp to be sore, tender, and irritated due to a chemical so I had to become chemical free.

I had the Rihanna bob before Rihanna was on the scene. Back in 2006 I had my bob and I had to consistantly keep it relaxed and after a month of my bob I decided I wasnt going to put another relaxer in my hair. I decided to grow my hair out at least 4 inches before I did the BIG CHOP. I decided to braid my hair and weave it up. After about 4 months I had significant new growth and I chopped off all my relaxed ends thus allowing my natural hair to grow. I was determined no matter how coarse and tangled my hair would get I would not relax it again. 6 years later here I am.

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Now started the weave revolution......................................

I went to hair school already knowing how to style hair I just needed a license for it. Once I completed it I really focused on sew in weaves. At that time sew in weaves were so expensive and as a single parent I couldnt afford to go to a salon to get them done so I weaved my own hair until I crafted my skills. Now let me tell you..... When I started weaving hair my weaves looked likes weaves but as time progressed I got better and better. Once I got pretty good people would ask me who did my hair and I would tell them I did. That is how I started building my clientele. One person turned into many and I couldnt believe how many people loved what I did to their hair. It was rewarding to me knowing that I could make someone feel better about themselves.

Fast forward to the last 7 years. I moved to Charlotte, NC and in 2009 I decided to do my first Youtube video on how to sew in hair.

The quality of my video sucked but the results were great. I didnt really know how to do a video since this was my first one. I started to like teaching how to create certain looks. Due to my time and being a single parent I would post videos as often as I could. I was afraid to share my videos because I didnt know how people would perceive it but so far I havent had any bad responses. (Well I got one bad one from someone I dont know). Keep it moving....

I had to learn about extensions because I was so used to spending $300+ a month in beauty supply store hair and one of my friends at the time introduced me to Black Hair Media. and I was amazed about Virgin hair. At that time members posted pictures of their hair and where they purchased it from I was in awe! I learned so much about others journey about hair how it is best to buy quality hair one time and to invest into your hair.

I hosted a huge group order for hair and it was huge. I wasnt expecting to get so many responses and replies for hair and I was happy to share with others what I learned about hair and quality hair. Again the good old days. After my 2nd group order I decided to go with another vendor because length of my 2nd order was short inches and it wasnt the same as the first order.

Its 2012 and I am addicted to virgin hair. OMG I love it. I built a stash of quality reusable hair and Im so glad that I know exactly where to get it. I get my hair from overseas and its worth every penny. I order hair it seems like monthly but my habit was so bad at one time I was ordering hair weekly. Monthly is good for me now. I usually end up ordering more because I have many people who want to order with me and they can. I dont deprive anyone from ordering quality hair for wholesale prices. Im one of the few people  who love hair for what it is and look to make nothing but a great style on myself. I was happy to share my hair pictures with Black Hair Media and Twitter. (Im not on Facebook anymore) and I still love my hair. Every season I go through change and I change my extensions every 2-3 weeks. I am very blessed that I can sew in my own hair so I can have a new hair do whenever I feel like it. Im not on anyone's time or dime but my own. I am still limited in time and I hope that I can do more videos on Youtube and I do plan on doing a 2012 version of a full weave with a much better quality video recorder ie My HTC EVO. LOL

I wanted to share a snippet of my hair journey and photos and I hope this inspires anyone to go for whatever look makes you happy. Underneath my weave is natural hair and I take care of my hair by keeping it in its natural state. That is works best for me and my scalp. Dont be afraid of extensions and remember that health of your hair is way more important than any weave or style created.

Dont be afraid to try something new or different and dont be afraid of others reactions. If I allowed my fears of what others said about my hair I wouldnt be where I am today.

I decided to share some of my looks and hair that I actually wear and install myself. I will do a tutorial on my blog with details on how to create these looks.


This is my natural wave curled

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Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App Here is my loose wave invisible part......

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Loose Curl, Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

Here is my deep wave.........................

Deep Wave, Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App
24 in Deep Wave, Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App And I want to try the Kinky curl and my BFF Regina rocked this oh so well....

Kinky Curl, Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

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  1. Great post...and your hair looks amazing...Im transitioning out of the creamy crack aka relaxer thanks for the hair-spiration story :)